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 Vehicle Specialists

Providing vehicle maintenance, repairs, as well as offering aftermarket products ensuring safety and security of drivers and vehicles.

We offer services to EVERYONE


All size fleets and for all business sectors as well as private vehicle owners.

Keeping you, your vehicle and your business flowing on the road. 


Service Maintenance and Repair


Safety and Security

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Fleet Management

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Tommy Verrall

I am the Fleet Area Manager for Royal Mail Group PLC, we began working with VMS back in 2020 and an honest review is nothing short of perfect. They are an excellent company, proffesional and manage expectations. As one of the largest fleet operators in Europe, it's paramount we use the best available, and VMS certainly meets that criteria. Thanks VMS for all you do for us.


Peter McIntyre 

VMS have a vision for customer service which matches the needs of our business.  We require innovation, experience, flexibility and a sense of urgency.  VMS have shown they can deliver this, and are perfectly suited for a turbulent automotive market increasingly focused on commercial vehicles

Customer Service Engineering Supervisor – FCSD Europe

Gary N

I called in asking it they could spend 5 minutes to change my lower engine mount. I was able to drop the car off the same day. Had the initial part replaced to find there was an underlying issue elsewhere that was solved the next day. All symptoms where leaning towards a broken flywheel but they didn’t jump to any conclusions and found the faulty part. It Was my first time coming to VMS and I was very happy with the service I was provided. Would definitely recommend.

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