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Case Studies



Kevin Laughton works as a Mobile Engineer.  Mr Laughton came to VMS with a desire to replace the exhaust pipes and starter motor on his Porsche 911 which had suffered some wear and tear as well as install a reversing camera. He had been previously informed that the procedure would require the removal of the engine, we however told him that we could do it without doing so even though it would add some difficulty to the job. This did put him at ease. 

Review From Kevin Laughton - 

I own a Porsche 911 and to say that I'm protective over my baby is an understatement, my vehicle suffered with the commonly known hot start issue; I made some enquiries about getting a new modified starter/alternator cable fitted and was informed that the engine would have to be removed to do the job. To say I was nervous was an understatement... Then I came across VMS at Chatham, Mike the Managing Director put me at ease and said his team could complete this work without removing the engine which was music to my ears. The work required is not for the faint hearted... it's a very difficult job to say the least, however VMS completed the work without complication and in my opinion even matching Porsche's standards. The service I received was of the highest level. Thank you Mike and your team for taking care of my baby and providing an exceptional level of service... Awesome, many thanks! 

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 Case Study
Ghost II I
mmobiliser Security Upgrade 

Richard Cordwell, is a 34 year old with a young family, working hard as a network rail engineer, with interests in sports and socialising amongst his friends and family. Richard came to us at VMS after purchasing his new Car, wanting to enquire about a security upgrade.  Upon further inspection, one of our Ghost registered engineers recommended a security upgrade that does not alter the appearance of the vehicle itself, providing a discrete solution to Richards request.  


Richard Cordweel Review -

‘ I got in touch with VMS to explore security options for my new car. I was given good information on alarms, immobilisers and trackers, that enabled me to do some further research. I settled on an autowatch ghost and got the car booked in. I waited at VMS while they did their work, they have a great bar and waiting area where I ordered some breakfast. Mike and Sarah were very welcoming and made sure I always had a drink. The system was explained very well and I am very happy with the whole process. Mike showed me around the workshop and VMS have some great projects on. Highly recommend using them.

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CASE STUDY-  Fleet Upgrade

SIAN Formwork LTD

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CASE STUDY-  Engine Upgrade


Dennis Atkins is a 65 year old retired ground worker from Chatham, who has a passion for fishing and camping holidays, with an especially strong love for Vehicles. However due to his age it became apparent that his desires for vehicle modifications were difficult to say the least, especially due to the type of modifications he wanted to make.  Dennis came to us at VMS with specific modifications in mind, which were as follows:

  •  Solar panels

  •  Light bar

All of which are modifications perfect for the off-grid camping lifestyle. In no time our engineers worked on this project, successfully completing his request to modify this Ducato.



Ben Thomas is a 35 years old, self-employed builder, who lives in Kent, with a passion for bikes and all things fast. He came to VMS looking for an affordable upgrade to his Quad, of which he had recently purchased. His requests were that his quad was;

  • faster 

  • Looking better

After inspection our specialized engineer recommended:

  • Double exhaust

  • A complete rewire

  • Vinyl wrap

  • Instillation of a wheelie bar. 


Of which was all complete to the customers satisfaction.

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