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Kevin Laughton works as a Mobile Engineer.  Mr Laughton came to VMS with a desire to replace the exhaust pipes and starter motor on his Porsche 911 which had suffered some wear and tear as well as install a reversing camera. He had been previously informed that the procedure would require the removal of the engine, we however told him that we could do it without doing so even though it would add some difficulty to the job. This did put him at ease. 

Review From Kevin Laughton - 

I own a Porsche 911 and to say that I'm protective over my baby is an understatement, my vehicle suffered with the commonly known hot start issue; I made some enquiries about getting a new modified starter/alternator cable fitted and was informed that the engine would have to be removed to do the job. To say I was nervous was an understatement... Then I came across VMS at Chatham, Mike the Managing Director put me at ease and said his team could complete this work without removing the engine which was music to my ears. The work required is not for the faint hearted... it's a very difficult job to say the least, however VMS completed the work without complication and in my opinion even matching Porsche's standards. The service I received was of the highest level. Thank you Mike and your team for taking care of my baby and providing an exceptional level of service... Awesome, many thanks! 

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Case Study -
Wrapping & Upgraded Sound System

Ashley came to VMS again after having us work on one of his other vehicles this time with his Audi RS6. His request was a custom decal on the body of the vehicle as well as accents on the wheels, and he asked for an upgraded sound system which included some dampening in the doors because of the new sub-woofer that was due to go in. We could do this no problem. 

Review From Ashley - 

I have previously been to VMS and had them work on another vehicle of mine so I knew that they would be able to pull off the requests I had. I wanted a custom decal wrapped onto the body of the RS6 and the same colouring on the wheels. Furthermore I wanted to upgrade the sound system giving the speakers some more oomph as well as the addition of a sub-woofer. VMS were able to confirm that they could do this and further suggested sound dampening to be added as well, which would reduce the amount of noise that bleeds from inside the car once the more powerful system is installed. When the work was completed I was just as impressed as I was with my other vehicle; VMS repeated the same high quality yet again on my RS6 and I know I can expect to receive the same quality in future. Cheers VMS, you've done a great job; I couldn't ask for more.

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Peter McIntyre

VMS have a vision for customer service which matches the needs of our business.  We require innovation, experience, flexibility and a sense of urgency.  VMS have shown they can deliver this, and are perfectly suited for a turbulent automotive market increasingly focused on commercial vehicles

Richard Corwell 

I got in touch with VMS to explore security options for my new (to me) car. I was given good information on alarms, immobilisers, trackers and went away to do some research. I settled on autowatch's ghost and got the car booked in. I waited at VMS while they did the work, they have a great bar/waiting area where I ordered in some breakfast. Mike and Sarah were very welcoming and made sure I always had a drink. The system was explained very well and am very happy with the whole process. Mike showed me around the workshop and VMS have some great projects on.
Highly recommended using them.

Иван Славков

VMS are real high quality professionals! I had a great experience with VMS fixing my BMW stereo and navigation system! Quick and correct! Thanks a lot!

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