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What is VMS ?


Vehicle mobile Solutions (VMS) is not simply a one stop shop for automotive fitouts. Its routes in the industry are currently spread far and wide and thus so too is its capabilities. Ingrained in our symbol the dragon is the idea of strength and determination. These principles have been seen throughout VMS work over the many years it has existed. This is particularly prevalent with our high standards of finish, providing a service not only the customer is happy with but we too. The dedication of our team is incomparable, working around the clock to provide an outcome suited to the clients best wishes and Vehicle mobile Solutions high standards. From offsite work, its team of Fitas approved engineers provide fleet specialistion services, installing advanced parts and accessories,prepared effectively for large project roll-outs, deliver synergies and solutions with a quick turnaround, such as trackers and alarms to name a few.  However with Vehicle mobile Solutions inevitable growth, new space has been created to allow for further development into avenues in the Automotive industry. This is evident with areas spanning, Cars and Leisure van facilities, all of which provide bespoke customer services ranging from the outer body of the motor such as LED lighting and even body work. To the very inner workings of a vehicle creating inner solutions such as high grade sourced audio and stereo systems wired and assembled in house. Following our expansion into a new site, VMS has since evolved to cater to a new type of an emerging culture, the Leisure and Sport section. Our Team of expert engineers have no developed their skills further to provide M.O.T, Vehicle repairs and services, classing VMS as an essential business during the Covid 19 pandemic. Bespoke design and finish is key at VMS and this is why it's services in the automotive industry are indeed notable to say the least. At VMS we understand that the skies the limit when it comes to all things customisation, especially with regards to the possible avenues of automotive fit outs we offer. 

This can include;

  • Bluetooth,

  • Lighting 

To even security services, as a completely separate branch offering;

  • Ghost trackers 

  • iMmobilization

  • Cameras

  • Alarms 

  • Locks 

 It does not stop there however, the expert team of engineers have innovated new methods of design.


At VMS the sky's the limit when it comes to potential bespoke customisations. Currently however we offer a range of customisation fit out options available for your modification requirements. This includes,

  • Trackers 

  • Cameras 

  • Alarms

The possibilities are truly endless at VMS, with the above listed services such a sample of what we offer and what we can offer. The future offers endless possibilities for VMS and their customers, with everyday new ideas and technologies making the realm of possibilities for bespoke automotive design virtually limitless. 

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