Hey, Big Fender...

Giving a car a makeover can be pricey, however with a body kit you can have your car looking fresh without busting the bank.

The great thing with body kits you can pick and choose what to get done. Call it the pick 'n' mix of car parts. From side skirts & spoilers to fenders & hoods- the choice is yours.

Body kits rose to fame in America during the 20th century. Custom cars were becoming popular with enthusiasts who would want to change the look of their vehicle, improve performance or to make a style statement.

We also saw a rise is popularity during the early noughties due to the American TV show 'Pimp my ride' - hosted by rapper Xzibit, that aired on MTV during 2004-2007. In the show we would see a car in poor condition get restored and customised to beyond recognision.

Not only are body kits fashionable, they also have a functionality about them.

  • Hood scoops and air dams allow for better air flow which helps with heat reduction.

  • Fenders and bolt-on flares allow room for wider wheels.

  • Spoilers, bumper splitters & lips help distribute and increase down force which increases the air dynamics of the car.

What do you think of body kits and would you have one fitted?

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