In this day and age vehicle security is a must. Criminals are finding easier ways to break into cars and vans than ever - install a security system, deter thieves, don't become a victim.

Statistics show that there were a staggering 343,669 reported motor vehicle crimes in England, Wales and Ireland during 2020/21. Of these crimes 74,769 were stolen vehicles, this averages to 205 everyday or 1 stolen every 7 minutes - this is 20,000 more than in 2018/19. Only 72% of stolen vehicles are recovered according to the most recent office for national statistics report.

Here at VMS, we have the answer to the problem, we supply and fit a wide range of locks, alarms and security measures including;

⦁ Slam and Hook Locks

⦁ Statement, Armour and Ultimate Locks

⦁ HPA and Easy Can Evo Alarm Systems

⦁ Immobilsing Systems

You wouldn't leave your home unsecured- why do it to your vehicle?

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