What our existing customers say

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Tommy Varell

VMS have a vision for customer service which matches the needs of our business.  We require innovation, experience, flexibility and a sense of urgency.  VMS have shown they can deliver this, and are perfectly suited for a turbulent automotive market increasingly focused on commercial vehicles


Richard Pierce

I got in touch with VMS to explore security options for my new (to me) car. I was given good information on alarms, immobilisers, trackers and went away to do some research. I settled on autowatch's ghost and got the car booked in. I waited at VMS while they did the work, they have a great bar/waiting area where I ordered in some breakfast. Mike and Sarah were very welcoming and made sure I always had a drink. The system was explained very well and am very happy with the whole process. Mike showed me around the workshop and VMS have some great projects on.
Highly recommended using them.


Dean Leonard

VMS are real high quality professionals! I had a great experience with VMS fixing my BMW stereo and navigation system! Quick and correct! Thanks a lot!